Book published

10 June 2024 alle 20:46

Even after 11 years… it is finally possible to purchase the book whiteness in Černobyl from the website

Thank you!

10 June 2013 alle 10:59

Grazie! Thank you! Merci! Danke!

Schermata 2013-06-10 alle 11.26.47

Target reached and passed!

5 June 2013 alle 12:01

Thank you everybody in supporting this project and helping me to get it real!

It’s still possible to back the project during next 4 days. With more than 100% I can stay there longer and do an even more in-depth project.

Spiegazioni del crowdfuding

28 April 2013 alle 15:30

Visto che il sito che utilizzo WeMakeIt non permette, almeno per il momento, la traduzione dei progetti in italiano, ho tradotto la presentazione del progetto e delle ricompense (aggiungendo anche qualche informazioni in più sul meccanismo) su questo sito.


26 April 2013 alle 14:00

I started today, for the 27th anniversary of Chernobyl’s Disaster, a crowdfund to continue my photo project.


27 March 2013 alle 17:39

In 2011, a few months after the Fukushima’s disaster, and some weeks after the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl’s disaster, I decided to visit Pripyat, the ghost city near Chernobyl, to understand which are the consequences of this kind of disaster.

A few month after my return, I showed a selection of photos to a publisher, who said might be interested in doing a book with this project. For this reason I decided to continue my project, going back to Chernobyl.